Get Fit Purple Penguin Style!

Have you considered that getting fit could be as fun as recess used to be? What if exercise felt like playing again? Can you imagine looking forward to your workouts and honoring your body for how amazing it is? 

If you've tried every torturous diet, gym membership, infomercial program, or magic weight loss pill but still haven't found the fit life you want, you're in the right place.

Welcome to Purple Penguin Fitness where smiles are just as important as strength. Around here we are penguins. We are silly, playful, wobbly, and loving.

Purple Penguin Fitness was founded by Jenn V after a lifetime of struggling with her own weight. She finally found a way to make fitness a habit and became passionate about helping others do it too. Click on the About page for more about Jenn.

Making fitness simple and fun is what it's all about around here. 

FREE 10 Day Beginner Basics Plan!

Ready to get started but not sure what to do? Overwhelmed by fancy, advanced fitness plans? This 10 day plan is for you! It's simple. It's basic. It's fun, not fancy! And it's FREE!

Stretch Yourself!

Reach new levels of health, fitness, and happiness! You have power to get fit at any age. Join the Purple Penguin™ Tribe and learn how simple (and fun) it can be! Jenn's Signature training method, 5S, is the foundation you need to get results and begin a habit of consistent exercise without a gym. Gym class misfits welcome - you've found your people (penguins)!

Gluten Free Guide and Food List

I gave up gluten about 7 years ago and it took a long time to learn the fine details of what gluten is and where it's found. I've condensed, as best as possible, the last several years of research, trial, and error into a guide for you to learn what you need to know to live a gluten free lifestyle, if you choose, without feeling deprived or heading for the gluten free junk food. 

Join the Club! Become a Purple Penguin™ and get fit the fun way! The FITdamentals™ Club is where you will finally learn how to lose weight for good without feeling tortured or deprived. Get the encouragement and support you need to get started on a healthy journey that will last. Athletes and advanced exercisers need not enter - this is a tribe of real people with real lives and real struggles. Welcome Gym Class Misfit! 


Fitdamentals are the Fitness Fundamentals Jenn V uses in her own life and with her clients. She's written a book about it to help you get started. Basically, it's a simplified approach to the things that make the biggest difference in your health, such as nutrition, exercise, and reducing stress. Everything Purple Penguin Fitness offers is based on the Fitdamentals.

Fit Food

Healthy eating is confusing. Counting calories is stressful. The Purple Penguin method is simple: eat real food including lots of veggies and drink lots of water. It's simple and it works!

Fit Mind

The foundation of the Fitdamentals is your mind. The Purple Penguin method blends Positive Psychology, personal training techniques, and real life personal experience to give a well rounded approach to motivation and mindset.

Fit Body

Even if you don't love exercise, you'll love the way to feel. The Purple Penguin method is Jenn V's Signature method, 5S witch stands for Stability, Sweat, Strength, Stretch, and Smile! It's a comprehensive workout that strengthens more than your muscles.