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Jenn's Signature Online Program: 5S Fit to create healthy habits and build a fitness foundation! 

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Holiday Online Mini-Retreat

Want the results and accountability of a fitness challenge without the scariness and extreme gimmicks? Join the FITdamentals Online mini retreat for three weeks of fitness fundamentals without leaving home - no gym or luxury resort needed! Click the image for more details.

Join the Club! Become a Purple Penguin™ and get fit the fun way! The FITdamentals™ Club is where you will finally learn how to lose weight for good without feeling tortured or deprived. Get the encouragement and support you need to get started on a healthy journey that will last. Athletes and advanced exercisers need not enter - this is a tribe of real people with real lives and real struggles. Welcome Gym Class Misfit! 

Avoid Injury! 

As part of the 5S Program you will have access to over a dozen exercise tutorials to learn how to do each movement correctly to avoid injury, and get the most out of your efforts! Modifications are also explained for each exercise.

Stretch Yourself!

Reach new levels of health, fitness, and happiness! You have power to get fit at any age. Join the Purple Penguin™ Tribe and learn how simple (and fun) it can be!